WC-Shower Containers

Backed by quality of leading and pioneer company Hekim Holding and serving world-wide, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. raises customer satisfaction to the top level with its quality products. Containers within the company’s product range can be easily transported thanks to light and flexible structures, and they have a high resistance against earthquakes. The products that conform to all climates from the coldest winters to the hot and dry summer conditions provide comfort and safety.

Quality and Robust WC-Shower Containers

WC-shower containers widely used at construction sites, mine pits, sports facilities have a very easy installation. Widths and lengths of the products can be in custom sizes, and interior sections can be freely designed. Products offer advantages both to manufacturer and user with their practical installation and ease of transportation. Robust walls ensure a safe use.

WC-shower containers are produced with insulations types suitable for the climate. Prefabricated structures with thermal sound and water insulation provide comfortable solutions and fast and easy installation opportunity at concerts, exhibitions and fairs. Interior designs enable various functions of use, offering standard and custom options. 16 mm thick fibercement floor is coated with TPO membrane PVC, and stands out in terms of reliability and comfort. Windows can be added to the units to create products that fits the need.

Ready to Use and Comfortable Solutions

Containers which provide a comfortable use with suitable interior design and ventilation are designed to serve multiple people at the same time. WC-shower containers which can be expanded as much as required by customers within strength limits specified in regulations are designed with ideal height for comfortable use. Interior sections can be custom designed, shower, washbasin and toilets can be located according to customer requests.

The products which ensure thermal and water insulation thanks to insulation applied on interior and exterior walls provide a comfortable use and hygiene requirements. Storm water is properly removed through upper frame holes. HekimPanel brand capped sandwich roof panels in 40 mm thickness and with 3 ribs are used for roof coating with best technology and design to ensure best roof insulation.

WC-Shower Container Standard Plans

Some WC-Shower Container Projects