Thanks to practical and economic package house of; you may gain structure to your land without zoning and you may easily reach the natural life that you dream.

Package House Models

Container House Designs With Superior Security

The package house designs are one of rising trends all over the World. Of course, this rising is not coincidence, because the package houses offer many advantages in terms of both cost and security. If you would like to have a concept house that does not include high hazard against natural disaster such as earthquake thanks to its light structure, offers measures against fire hazards and applied easily even on the land without zoning, you are at the right place. You may have a useful house immediately with solution partner of

The package houses prepared with Prefabrik Yapı assurance spread to 48 m2′ floor space without requiring the deep foundation works and is placed on its own chassis. The clapboard siding and high-grade fibercement facade application also shows extra resistance against fire hazards and offers you a safe home. Furthermore; all assembly applications are completed just in 1 day thanks to professionalist teams. All you have to do is to enjoy with your safe home!

Open the Doors of a Comfortable Life with Concept House.

The concept house designs of offers all the comfort of a classic home and much more. It is consisting of double combination containers within 48 m2. Two rooms, a living room, independent kitchen, bathroom and toilet areas are available inside of the house. The wide veranda section also doubles the pleasure of your home an especially enables you to spend your meal and rest times more enjoyable. You may enjoy the romantic sunset view at your veranda and you may have an enjoyable open areas that you may not find in the city life all the time.

You may utilize the package house designs of in your own private land or collective housing works. In your full scale projects; you may profit from expense that you will spend for ground arrangement and you may position your container house on the land as you wish. Furthermore; thanks to 1 day assembly period, you may complete your collective housing works quickly and may create your living space in your dream easily. If you would like to get more information about package house designs, to benefit from advantageous prices or to share your opinions with us; you may fill out the request form in our container house page.