Emergency Accommodation Containers

Accommodation, one of the most vital requirements after natural disasters are easily met via containers produced by Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Container models which can be easily used in all climate and geographical conditions offer internal and external comfort conditions to ensure ideal living conditions.

Rapid and Practical Solution for Housing Problems

New generation container designs are created with superior and comfortable properties that offer coziness of a home. Providing a quick and practical accommodation spaces for people who lost their homes in a sudden and undesired way is no longer a problem with modern container systems.

Easy Installation and Robust Structural Properties

Solving acommodation need of the people who are left without homes under harsh climate conditions require speed. Emergency solution container models are assembled at production plant of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. And quickly delivered to disaster area. While containers are being rapidly produced, infrastructure utilities are supplied by relevant organizations in the area of placement.

Peaceful and Ideal Life Spaces

Container models which solve accommodation needs easily are designed taking all needs of people into consideration. Container models that offer a standard life space are designed in 2.40 x 6.00 m and 3.00 x 7.00 sizes. Emergency accommodation containers, just like all other container models, are produced with thermal, sound and water insulation. Product forms which support vital needs at normal standards help sufferers get over this difficult process easier and faster.

Robust and Economical Solution: Containers

Containers which meet accommodation needs arising not only from natural disasters but also human acts provide the most ideal and economical solutions. Temporary acommodation problems arising from collapsing of buildings due to faulty civil works are easily solved with emergency accommodation containers which offer efficient solutions in a short time. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. practical container models bring an efficient solution to emergency accommodation needs.

Some Accommodation Container Projects