Military Containers

Exporting to hundreds of countries in 6 continents under Hekim Holding organization; Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. designs structures in which customer satisfaction is given utmost priority and structures that conform to international standards. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., under assurance of Hekim Holding, a leading company of prefabricated structures, always supports its customer for military solutions drawing on the many years of experience.

Maximum Assurance Under Severe Terrain Conditions

Providing a dry environment for military personnel, food stuff, medical products, weapons and ammunitions under harsh climate conditions is an essential requirement, therefore military containers are produced accordingly. Batch production can be made depending on the request for the most appropriate and correct military container design.

Military containers produced with thermal, sound and water insulation to fit the most severe terrain and climate conditions meet high expectations with the safe life spaces they offer. Easy mobilization of containers allow motorway, air or marine transportation. Monoblock and demounted containersprovide the most suitable solutions for a variety of conditions.

Robust Structures

Robustness is the essential requirement for military containers which are designed to be used safely and comfortably by military personnel. Military container is water resistant under severe precipitation and maintains its solid form in the hottest climates. Containers are resistant to hot desert and cold polar temperatures.

Product development efforts for one of the priorities in military use, bullet-proof structures are ongiong at the moment. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Guarantees military container production whether for a small troop or for a battalion thanks to its high production capacities, makes the most appropriate planning with its well-equipped technical staff, and delivers the structures within agreed terms.

Monoblock and Demounted Solutions

Military containers that are produced based on requests provide comfort of a home for military personnel. Containers which can also be used for common functions such as dining hall, dorm, bathroom, storage, meeting and briefing hall are designed depending on monoblock and demounted preferences, and made ready for use. Hekim Panel and Hem Classic models are used for monoblock solutions while Flat-Pack System, Demountable and Hekim Profile System container models offer ease of choice for demounted solutions depending on the conditions.

You may fill out a request form or contact our customer representatives directly for military containers produced to meet all needs and expectations.

Some Military Container Projects