Construction Camp - Project Details

Project Location Maslak / İstanbul -
Total Project Area 1.100 m2
Project Date February 2013
Project Status Completed
Project Information General Information on Construction Camp Project

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Products are selected for the mobilization buildings of Maslak1453 Istanbul project carried out by Akdeniz İnşaat. Our container group products are successfully used in the entire camp area. As part of the 1100 m2 mobilization scope, container areas that include 3 storey worker dorms, operator, personnel, camp supervisor, security, infirmary etc functions are established. 3,00×6,00m size containers are used as individual and combined units for all Hekim Panel containers. Furthermore, additional prefabricated office building applications are made.

1453 Maslak project, one of the most prestigious projects of Istanbul is making a difference both by its location and scope. The project neighboring Fatih Forest in the north will enable an exceptional structure exemplar that interestingly and exceptionally embraces metropolitan characteristics, sustainable resources and environmentally friendly green building systems.

Product Groups Products Used in This Project
Field of Operation Field of Application for the Project