Container Types

Having introduced many innovations to light structure production and being one of the leading companies of the industry, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. designs life spaces with different functions addressing to users’ needs and expectations.

Comfortable, safe and functional container models which can be produced to adapt to different fields of activities. Panel monoblock containers are one of the most ideal options for construction and work sites, and can be easily transported to different locations thanks to their flexible mobility. Bathrooms or WC units can be installed inside monoblock containers, they can be used as storage and changing room. Container walls can be separated from each other or authentic prefabricated light structures in desired dimensions can be produced using container systems.

Expanding and folding container types enable designing of functional and wide spaces containing several rooms such as 3+1 and 4+1. Electric, water and sewage systems can be included in the containers. Fibercement natural cement products enable various decorative arrangements inside and outside of the container.

Container types designed for different functions are as follows;