Company Profile

Prefabrik Yapı İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. is founded in 1989. It is one of the significant companies around the globe with its new introductions to prefabricated structure industry, high quality standards and innovations.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Exports to more than 115 countries in 6 continents with the technologies developed in prefabricated structure production, high capacity, machinery and equipment, professional staff, production plants installed on 25.000m² and prefabricated structure presentation area of 6.000 m². Company produces prefabricated structures, containers and steel construction structures at high quality standards without compromising on principles, maintaining a sustainable and quality business model objectives throughout a 29 years of success history.

Adopting a people-centered approach, Prefarik Yapı İnşaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.demonstrates superior operations in the field with its sales, marketing, production, R&D and P&D investments. In addition to state of art production technology, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. continues to serve in Turkey and international platform with its planning, design, loading, logistics, installation, demounting, internal building utilities, painting and after sales services as well as customer oriented approach.

We as Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Are always targeting for better with the responsibility and awareness of being a leader in the field, andacting in line with this approach and concept. We offer products and services beyond expectations of customers and business partners without compromising on the quality. We grow and develop together.


Competing with the leading companies around the world, to be a pioneer in technological advances, producing products and services beyond expectations of customers and business partners to make a difference.


Manufacture healthy, safe, aesthetic, quick, economical and habitable environments to meet people's need for shelter, and offer them special life spaces.


We are working hard to improve and sustain our world class technological competency. We continue to produce quick, economical, superior, quality prefabricated structures without compromising on the quality to meet ever changing needs of our customers, bearing responsibility of being the leader company in the industry. Thus, we are aiming to continue the success of our company which is always one steap ahead of the industry.

Preform | Prefabricated Structure Systems

Preform | Prefabricated Structure Systems

Preform; designs brand new offices where important decisions are made, dining halls where a hygienic environment is ensured suring lunch break, recreational facilities of activities, dorms where you can safely and peacefully rest after a long tiring day and professional approaches for many life spaces. Demands of many business field, particularly of construction business, energy, education, health, oil-natural gas, mining and defense industry are met with a selective product range.

Lifecase | Container and Cabin Systems

You do not need to worry about how to transport your product, where to install it and how much time you will lose. Lifecase is always working for maximum mobilization with minimum performance, turning innovativ ideas into new products with the help of technology. Used in many fields and mobilizations for various functions, Lifecase offers safe and comfortable life spaces that can be built in a time as short as 2 minutes for post-disaster interventions where a few minutes can save lives. Lifecase offers eye-pleasing as well as special design products ensuring safe areas with anti-flammable and even armored structures.
Lifecase | Container and Cabin Systems
Steelin | Light Steel Structure Systems

Steelin | Light Steel Structure Systems

Be ready t see multi-storey light steel structures around you… Light steel structures which could only built up to four storeys so far can go as high as eight storeys with the technology and design developed by Steelin. Workshop, warehouse, hangar, factory... Steelin; can be used as factory structure as well as a maintenance hangar for a large airplane thanks to its large-spacing functionality.

Hekim Profile | Light Steel Structure and PVS Carrier Profiles

Hekim Profile is a brand of Hekim Holding, leading company of the industry with is several integrated plants and innovative power, producing qualified structure profiles for multi-storey light steel structures, industrial plants, photo-voltaic carries systems and special projects that require large spacing. These profiles ensure significant gains in investment costs with their design flexibility, reduction in cost, workmanship, time and tonnages. Hekim Profile carries our production operations on state of art technology HekimStructureROBOT production line with high accuracy in accordance with relevant EN standards and customer requests. Company is able to meet all project requirements as the first and only company in Turkey with ability to drill 56 different holes on a single profile.
Hekim Profile | Light Steel Structure and PVS Carrier Profiles

Production Plants

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. follows latest technologies closely with its professional staff, and produces contaniers with high standards using latest machinery and technical equipment at its container production facilities.

Our Superior Qualities Why Us? Outstanding Qualities

We are Leader of the Industry

Nearly all raw materials used in production of prefabricated structures are manufactured at our own integrated plant.

We Reduce Time Cost

We make a difference with quality and timely service beyond customer expectations.

We are Environmentally Friendly

We reflect our ecological awareness with our technology and materials we use, and we act with the principle of sustainability.

We are Solution and Service Oriented

We develop solutions on global basis with our experienced and epert personnel constituted of architectures and engineers.

We Offer Alternative Loading Solutions

We offer the most advantageous and appropriate alternative loading solutions in motorway, air and marine transportation to anywhere around the world.

We Make Difference With Special Packing System

We offer material and transportation guarantee with out special packing system.

We Pay Utmost Attention to Customer Satisfaction

We stand for our products during before and after sales processes since 1989, ensuring customer satisfaction with a quality service concept.

We Offer Production Guarantee

We can meet your request in a timely manner with out integrated production plant on 170.000 m² area, high production capacity and wide product range.

Ar-Ge ve Ür-Ge ile Teknoloji Noktasıyız

We offer innovative, creative and flexible solutions with our state of art technology production lines and machine pool.

We Offer Professional and Qualified Solutions

We realize significant projects around the world by making project specific solutions and calculations as well as the international certifications and quality documents.

We Offer Price Advantage

We offer quality products with advantageous prices as part of performance evaluation.

We Offer Installation Guarantee

We offer installation and demounting services provided by expert supervisor and installation teams.

We Pay Utmost Attention to Occupational Health and Safety

We create safe environments by payin utmost attention to occupational health and safety as well as training activities.

Technology Center Pioneer of Superior Technology Our Container Production Technologies

HekimBoyaPlastik Paint and PVC Prefabricated Structure Profiles Technology
HekimPlast Polyethylene Terepthalate (PET) Technology
HekimBalistik Bullet-Proof Cabin Technology
HekimProje Software and R&D Technology

Services Superior Service Quality Service Concept

Planning and Design We make life spaces more useful, comfortable and reliable with our specially planned and designed products.
Prefabricated Structure Production We produce pre-made prefabricated structures that can be easily installed on concrete floor, and prepare life spaces to suit various functions.
Packing and Loading We deliver our prefabricated structure materials to delivery points in the safest manner using our special packing and loading processes.
Logistics We monitor our products throughout all stages from loading to transportation, ensuring problem-free delivery at the right time.
Demounting and Mounting Work We carry our demounting and mounting works of prefabricated structures and complete majority of workmanship, making processes much easier.
Supervisor Support We ensure problem-free mounting and demounting works under supervision of our expert supervisors.
Building Internal Utilities Works We carry out entire sanitary installation work inside the buildings for sourcing of water as a fundamental need, delivery to units and removal of waste water.
Painting Work We accomplish painting works of prefabricated structures in the fastest and best manner.
After Sale Service We support you in many areas with our after sales services.
Furniture, Technical Eqipment etc. Supply We support our customers not only with prefabricated structure production but also supplying furnitures and technical equipment.
Building Internal Electrical Installation Works We also accomplish building internal electrical installation works in order to activate electric production that enables performing of many daily works much easier.
Quality Policy
Our company adopts continuous "improvement" and a "customer-oriented" service conceptin line with its objectives and strategies.
Environmental Management System Certificate
Environmental Management System Certificate
Service Competence Certificate
Service Competence Certificate
Production Competence Certificate
Production Competence Certificate
OHAS Management System Certificate
OHAS Management System Certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
Quality Management System Certificate
Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate
Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate
Prefabricated Structures Gost-R Certificate
Prefabricated Structures Gost-R Certificate