All the leading brands of the industry participated in SBE16 İstanbul organized by İMSAD at Swissotel between 13-15 October dates.

Manufacturing ECOLOGICAL container (MARS) which has “0” greenhouse gas emission and also referred as “0 carbon container” in order to leave a better world for the future generations, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. – a Hekim holding company, introduced MARS container to participants at SBE16 İstanbul Conference. MARS Container unanimously selected by İMSAD’s selection committee draw a great interest from participants for its environmentally friendly, innovative and sustainability aspects.

Ms. Demet Kılıç, Sales Manager of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Spoke at SBE16 İstanbul Conference, introduced all properties and production stages of MARS Container to the participants.
Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.’s R&D product, MARS Container is capable of generating its own power without need for natural gas via photovoltaic panels placed on the roof ro meet entire power need of the structure. It has a high resistance against the climate of installation region with cold, hot and mild climate façade types.

It contributes to partial or complete elimination of hazardous gasses released to atmosphere during welding since it is produced using non-welded structure technology. It allows construction of 4-8 storey buildings that are high in innovation, time, material, energy and workmanship saving and environmentally friendly.

Environment and human friendly HEKİMBOARD Fibercement technology that has Class A1 anti-flammable property, free of any materials hazardous to human health, entirely made of natural materials are used in the production. Fibercement technology helps elimination of hazardous gas generation.