Turkey’s leading Prefabricated Structure (modular structures, pre-made structures) brand Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. met with University of Sakarya students as the 2nd stop of school trainings and preparation to business life program on March 13.

University of Sakarya, Engineering Faculty brought industry professionals and students together via “Engineering Seminars” for Civil Engineering department 4th grade students. Company officers, material producers, contracting entities, construction companies that are operating in the field made contribution to the seminar. They informed students and helped them to create a future profile in those fields by introducing their activities, products, productions in construction business.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. General Manager (Civil Engineer) Mr. Mustafa Tolunay attended to the seminar as speaker and informed students on; Sustainable Structures, BIM (Building Information Model) and Industry 4.0 general topics.

In the scope of prefabricated structure business (modular structure, pre-made structure) which is considered as one of the future jobs for students, general information about significance and application types of prefabricated structure in our country and around the globe, need for combining science, economy and engineering, industry-university collaborations, prefabricated structures in parallel with sustainability concept, expectations from young colleagues and new graduates, business opportunities in prefabricated structures, fields of application on system cross-sections were provided to students. Questions about the business field and future of products were answered following speech of Mr. Mustafa Tolunay which received great interest from students.