Housing containers for Syrian refugees starting a new life in Germany are being shipped from Turkey. Mustafa Tolunay, Vice General Manager of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. under Hekim Holding organization explained that an order for housing containers in significant quantity was received from Germany for Syrian refugees.

Housing containers for refugees who left Syria because of the ongiong war and moved to Germany are produced in Turkey. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Vice General Manager Mustafa Tolunay stated that serious humanity dramas were occurring in the neighbor countries recently and said “Everyday, we see news about dramatic incidents of Syrian nationals trying to immigrate. One of the biggest and perhaps most significant problems faced by Syrian refugees who manage to proceed to Europe over Turkey is accommodation. Some municipalities in Germany contacted us and requested housing containers for Syrian refugees. Thus, we began to produce containers for Syrian refugees.”

Tolunay says that approximately 2 thousand units are shipped at the time and adds “We are planning to produce total 4 thousand units for the ongoing and estimated projects.” Tolunay emphasizes the company’s significant advantage in terms of capacity and states “Monthly capacity of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. alone is 6.750 containers. If we consider all pre-made structure companies of Hekim Holding, our capacity is way beyond it. In case of an urgent demand in the future, we have the capability of increasing our production accordingly. We are not only producing containers for Syrian refugees. We are building life spaces from containers. Our comfortable – aesthetic light steel structures were already delivered to countries like Germany, Holland and Belgium before refugee container project in Germany. Of course their choice to work with us among hundreds of container producers around the world is not a coincidence. Germany differs from many countries for their emphasis on quality. They preferred us since they wanted to buy quality economically.”

Tolunay states that they built collective sheltering centers in approximately 20 countries so far and says “We built structures to accommodate Syrian refugees in Turkey. We built anything that might be needed in a town from market to school building, life spaces, mosques and mosque towers. We built shelters for refugees at 3 different locations in Iraq during 4th quarter of 2014 and the 1st quarter of 2015 (North Iraq, Central Iraq and South Iraq)”.

Tolunay explains that prefabricated structures and containers are preferred for their quick delivery, and the product is economical in terms of transportation, and does not require a serious infrastructure and foundation cost. Tolunay says “We have framed building and container solutions that do not require foundation work. Additionally, Hekim Panel – Hekim Board products that we use are environmentally friendly products.”

Tolunay emphasizes that they use Hekim Panel brand sandwich panels which are their own products as both roof and wall material, and rockwool insulation is preferred for refugee projects in Germany. Tolunay says “We can make sanitary installations, electrical installations at European norms. Our export to the most developed countries of Europe goes way back in the past, therefore we know the required standards and rules. We are capable of supplying products to both municipalities and government agencies in Germany with our F30 and F60 certifications.”

Tolunay adds that they used to operate on annual and 5 years marketing plans until a few years ago whereas they follow target – achievement index on monthly and quarterly periods with the ever changing business cycle.

Tolunay highlights that they are exporting to nearly 100 countries as of the end of first quarter of 2016 and says “We delivered products to 6 continents. Amongst our future targets is to increase number of countries we export as part of the marketing plans supported by R&D and P&D studies.